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3 Reasons Why High-Fidelity Consumer Audio is Making a Comeback

As a lifelong audiophile, I’ve heard the sound quality in consumer audio products steadily decline. We went from records, to CDs, and then to MP3s–all the while compressing audio files into smaller and smaller formats that increase device-carrying capacity, but at the very real expense of audio fidelity. Unfortunately, low-fidelity (Lo-fi) audio has become so…

What Does Productivity Sound Like?

Reposted here from the original article by Biamp Systems Executive VP of Marketing, Graeme Harrison, on Wired Innovation Insights on August 21, 2013. In recent decades, companies and office workers have embraced a new type of work environment known as the open office, replacing the once dreaded and antiquated cubicle city. Currently, the open office…

Riding the Wave of Emerging Markets

In another blog post, I wrote about AV/IT convergence as a kind of wave — a trend that businesses like Biamp can neither control nor change, but can continue to ride successfully if we remain savvy about changes to distribution channels and trends in technology. Perhaps because I used to be a surfer many years…

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