In an ideal conferencing world, each person would have a dedicated microphone pinned to their lapel. That’s because the closer the microphone is to the person talking, the clearer the sound. But having a lapel mic for each meeting participant is not practical in the real world. The logistics of setting them up for every meeting and the cost associated with individual microphones make it a poor solution for conference rooms.

Microphones that can be installed flush with the ceiling have become a popular choice in modern conference rooms because they look great and improve room aesthetics. However, placing microphones close to the ceiling comes with its own set of problems. This type of microphone is situated farther away from the people in the room and much closer to potential noise sources. A microphone flush with the ceiling is likely to pick up a considerable level of background noise. It will also be susceptible to interruptions from mechanical vibrations caused by HVAC systems, duct work, or even foot traffic from the upper floor. Even in quiet rooms that don’t have these noises, microphones integrated into the ceiling can cause signals to be more reverberant and make the room sound, well, roomy. Not ideal either.

Biamp’s TCM pendant microphones have a number of distinct advantages. Our microphones make it easier for the DSP to filter out background noise, thereby offering the highest quality audio. Because the mics are positioned closer to the people, audio signals are picked up more effectively. This phenomenon is known as the inverse square law. With Biamp’s Beamtracking microphones, you don’t have to compromise audio quality in the name of aesthetics.

Our TCM microphones give you a broad range of options too. The TCM mics come with an extended cable length of 3 meters, you’ve got plenty of wiggle room to raise or lower them to accommodate the room’s specific acoustic needs. While positioning the microphones closer to the people in the room provides the best audio quality, you can also position them closer to the ceiling in order to maximize room aesthetics. Even better, they can be configured to ensure optimal performance at different heights, allowing you to accommodate low, vaulted, or standard height ceilings with the same microphone. Each TCM microphone includes Beamtracking™ technology with three 120-degree zones, providing full 360-degree coverage of the meeting space. That means conference participants are free to act naturally during the call. They can stand up, sit down, or walk over to the whiteboard to scribble notes, all without impacting the audio quality for the person on the far end.

Regardless of how loud, quiet, or active your meetings may be, our TCM microphones will be there to ensure that everyone hears you clearly. With their pendant-style design and Beamtracking capabilities, Biamp’s Beamtracking microphones bring you closer to that ideal conferencing world.

Learn more about the factors that distinguish Beamtracking microphones from their beamforming cousins here, and check out our TCM calculator to discover the best way to optimize bandwidth placement.

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