Distribution centers often have rows of warehouses that can seem to stretch for miles. With so many buildings spanning large tracts of land, reliable communication is key to both fulfilling orders on time and maintaining employee safety. Biamp’s Vocia platform offers numerous networked paging solutions for organizations of all sizes, supporting effective communication across multiple zones and sites in real time.

In this distribution center scenario, communication between multiple sites is made possible because of the Wide Area Network (WAN) in place. The operation center has the ability to page directly to one zone in the distribution center, or to multiple distribution centers, depending on what the situation requires. Vocia features include live paging, as well as recorded, scheduled, and VoIP paging. Additional features include sound masking for office spaces, ambient noise compensation, and comprehensive system monitoring.

Vocia serves as the hub for all general and critical paging needs. Because it is able to use an organization’s WAN, Vocia can provide a seamless connection between multiple buildings and campuses. Vocia is EN 54-16 certified and adheres to NFPA 72 regulations, giving you the confidence that it will work as expected for day-to-day paging requirements and during an emergency.

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