Being heard in any meeting, both figuratively and literally, is important. And while the former can be harder to quantify, all too often deficiencies regarding the latter are abundantly clear. Simply put, many conference room microphones are ill-equipped to deal with the overlapping voices, clacking keyboards, and myriad other audio issues that are a part of most meetings. The result is an aural mush where the only clear audible words are “what?” and “can you repeat that?”

Fortunately, these frustrating experiences become things of the past with the introduction of Beamtracking™-enabled microphones. Below are three major advantages this technology makes possible for meetings large and small:

360° of Room Coverage

Every Beamtracking microphone incorporates three 120-degree zones, adding up to 360 degrees of coverage. This means that as a talker moves around the room, exiting the range of one zone and entering another, the mic seamlessly shifts to ensure the signal remains unbroken. In other words, the days of needing to position yourself just so to make sure the room mic is picking up your voice are over.

Intelligently Mix Conversations

Of course, being able to track a voice throughout a room doesn’t do much good if said voice still gets lost in the overall conversation. Fortunately, Beamtracking systems are engineered with the ability to intelligently mix speech from multiple talkers, delivering maximum intelligibility for meeting participants on the far-end of the line. This mixing also extends to volume, as Beamtracking microphones can simultaneously mix several voices from the various coverage zones evenly. So now, even though Greg in Accounting has a hard time using his inside voice, you and your colleagues will still be able to have your say. 

Minimal Set-Up

With all this power, you may think a Beamtracking microphone would require a labor-intensive installation process; in fact, it’s the opposite. The ability for this technology to lock onto a signal source (e.g. a human voice) even as its location in the room changes means the headaches traditionally associated with mic installations are no longer a factor. These microphones are significantly faster and easier to install than other mics that don’t provide half the flexibility. Once in place, this revolutionary tech ensures that no matter where you are in the room or how many people are there with you, your voice can always be heard.