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AVB Demystified #4: 12 AVB FAQs You Need Answers To

As AVB becomes a household name in the professional installed audio industry, there are always lingering questions and confusions that go along with that newness. Here’s 12 of 24 questions and answers about AVB. Look forward to the remaining 12 next month. Let’s dig in: 1) How does AVB fit with other technology like CobraNet®…

Where Does Nexia Fit Now That TesiraFORTÉ Is Here?

Since the release of TesiraFORTÉ, Nexia has a new place in the Biamp product family, and there have been some questions about when you’d choose Nexia, and when you’d choose TesiraFORTÉ. We’re referring to Nexia as our basic DSP. Just to be clear, “basic” for Biamp means “at least powerful enough to do everything for…

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