Education has always been one of the Avnu Alliance’s primary goals. With so many industries represented, maintaining a consistent training schedule and format is potentially challenging. As a result, Avnu’s education group convened in order to develop a common agenda or syllabus that will streamline the Avnu education experience and improve the program’s efficiency. The Avnu education group strives to create a set of resources that any Avnu member can use to develop a training seminar. These resources include branded PowerPoint templates, as well as an extensive content library members can draw upon.

Avnu is currently focusing on educating people about the benefits of audio video bridging/time sensitive networking (AVB/TSN), including bandwidth reservation, low latency media transfers, and reliability. All of these factors are important to AV and several other industries, and Avnu strives to help industry professionals develop their knowledge of AVB/TSN fundamentals and functions. The new content library will include an overview of product certification and interoperability benefits, as well as more in-depth technical data about AVB/TSN as it applies to specific industries.

As an active Avnu member, one of Biamp’s first Avnu education initiatives will be contributing a presentation on media networking. This presentation will discuss the challenges many of our customers face when it comes to networking audio and video, and the variances between other available media transport protocols. We’ll also outline information like why AVB/TSN uses a peer-to-peer timing protocol, rather than an end-to-end protocol. In addition, we’ll provide details on the intelligent automation built into AVB/TSN, which removes much of the guesswork associated with setting up a complex network. This media networking presentation will take place at ISE 2017. Remember to register, as we expect available spots to fill up quickly.

Overall, our goal is to assist in developing Avnu education, allowing the dissemination of valuable knowledge on AVB/TSN while being able to tailor topics for specific industries when needed. Through our partnership with Avnu, Biamp is dedicated to enhancing media network training across multiple industries, thereby giving people the educational tools they need to succeed.

Are there any topics you’d like Avnu education to cover? Leave us a comment and let us know!