Meetings, am I right? If you listen closely, you can almost hear your colleagues groan when a meeting request is received. To many of us, meetings are not the most productive use of our time. They disrupt our workflow, too much energy is wasted on wrestling with unfamiliar technologies, and nobody remembers to bring snacks. Gathering your colleagues for a meeting and remaining on-topic during the allotted time period can feel a lot like herding cats. While cats may rule the Internet, they don’t make the best officemates.

At Biamp, we’re dedicated to salvaging the meeting’s reputation. Our Tesira product family provides a powerful platform for all your meeting needs – from the HD-1 dialer to the amplifiers to the Tesira SERVER or TesiraFORTÉ running everything behind the scenes – transforming the garbled conference calls of the past into clear communication. Instead of subtly rolling your eyes at your work bestie across the table while Earl from Accounting fumbles with a starfish-style speakerphone for the first ten minutes of your scheduled time, you can rest assured that the discussion will kick off on time, with no productivity lost to finicky devices.

Although we can’t jazz up the topic of your meeting or improve Earl from Accounting’s presentation skills (so sorry to pick on you, Earl!), we can make sure the technology works as expected, letting you get in, get things done, and get on with your workday. No cat herding necessary.