Everyone knows combining forces is the best way to accomplish something. It worked for Captain Planet, it works for burritos, and it works for Tesira. Puzzled by the logical jump? Let me explain.

While some elements of a burrito are perfect on their own (shout-out to cheese, the anytime food), assembling them all into a single package creates greatness. Biamp’s Tesira product family is like a burrito. As a true networked media system, Tesira unites the A and V of the AV industry, making it the world’s only fully integrated networked audio and video platform. That means Tesira supports both audio and video on a single platform, in a single software environment, much like the tortilla (or bowl if you’re into the whole low-carb thing) supports the delicious ingredients inside.

The rice and beans are the heart of the burrito, much like Biamp’s DSP. Your friendly AV burrito fanatic says you can’t have a good burrito without those. Meanwhile, the meat or grilled veggies are like Tesira’s expander cards, which provide flexibility for each specific installation’s requirements (or your current lunch preferences). Tesira amplifiers are like the jalapeños sprinkled on top, cranking up the awesomeness. You can compare the cheese to the Tesira platform’s legendary reliability. Finally, the guacamole is like TesiraLUX. While the ability to transmit video signals via the network may seem “extra,” it definitely enhances your installations.

Remember: a poorly wrapped burrito, much like a poorly designed AV system, just makes a huge mess. You’re upset about a) missing out on all the potential deliciousness, and b) paying for an inferior product. But mostly the deliciousness. Amazing burrito, I hardly knew ye.

I don’t want to belabor the metaphor too much, but no matter what your installation requires, the Tesira platform has you covered.

Have you ever compared an installation to your favorite food item? Leave a comment and let us know!