As more people are vaccinated every day, we can finally begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel; and with summer being just around the corner, people will want to come together after the stress of the global lockdown. Stadiums, with their open-air construction and ability to safely host large groups, are particularly well-suited for gathering spaces post-pandemic. 

But when crowds return for high school sports, professional sporting events, or concerts after such a long break, these venues need to be equipped with the tools to truly make these events come alive. With their unmatched music and voice reproduction and extremely durable construction, Community™ loudspeakers from Biamp are the ideal audio solution for outdoor environments.

Below are some of the main reasons why Community loudspeakers are known as the world leader in sports sound:


Part of the L Series, our newest line of loudspeakers, the LVH-900 Beamforming Venue Horn is designed to handle the most challenging large-venue environments. The new technology of the patent-pending Colinear Manifold found in the LVH-900 helps maintain output capability, while the Unified Waveguide combines all drivers into a coherent wavefront for excellent pattern control.  This flexibility helps make L Series the optimum solution for stadiums, ensuring everyone in the audience has the same premium experience.

In addition, the LVH-900 Active Plus (LVH-900/AP) models allow cabinets to be arrayed, resulting in minimal interference which allows for increased intelligibility. Stadiums have minimum intelligibility scores to meet, making the LVH-900 the perfect option for this venue type.


Our outdoor loudspeaker solutions have passed Mil-SPEC-810 tests and are equipped with features to ensure maximum audio quality and integrity in harsh outdoor environments. Biamp’s Community I Series WR and L SERIES WR are built for lifetime performance, constructed with PolyGlas enclosures that are non-absorbent, and will not crack or split. Even the paint used on the exterior of these loudspeakers is of a heavily textured industrial grade to enable untarnished surfaces for years to come.


The Community R Series, used worldwide in stadiums for over 20 years, continues to be very popular in sports venues today. Consisting of 35 different models that include every horn pattern, the R Series is renowned for its versatile high output, controlled coverage, and durable design, making it the world’s standard for exceptional audio performance in extreme weather conditions. With the largest number of horn-loaded loudspeaker systems available in the industry, the R Series not only meets but exceeds the industry standards for indoor and outdoor stadiums.


We also offer EN54-24 certified solutions to meet certification requirements for intelligible voice evacuation and mass notifications in stadia throughout Europe. You can learn more about our EN54-24 solutions here.

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