The Vocia® networked public address system has been installed at the heart of one of London’s most famous heritage sites. But as a protected building the project came with a few challenges, like limited space and strict regulations around construction work. Here is how a successful merging of past and present was accomplished…

The St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel was originally built in the 1860s. As one of London’s most recognizable buildings, it’s considered by many to be a national treasure. Originally known as the Midland Grand Hotel, it was an instant success and remained one of the most fashionable hotels in London well into the first half of the 20th century. After closing it’s doors in the 1930s, it subsequently fell into a state of disrepair, which lasted 60 years.

Once St. Pancras was selected as the new terminus for the Eurostar™ cross-channel train, a huge effort began to bring the station and its buildings—including the original Midland Grand Hotel—up to date. The renovations have seen the hotel restored to its former glory in every detail, but with the addition of some ultra-modern touches. The hotel required the integration of a networked audio system that would use the latest technology to deliver a crystal clear sound throughout the building—regardless of what the space was used for. Long-term UK partner proAV was brought in to design and install the system. Given the tight building regulations, and Marriott International’s stringent guidelines for incorporating different technology platforms (i.e. MP3 player, telephone system, etc.), Vocia provided the perfect solution of flexibility and power.

The proAV team worked with our UK distributor Polar Audio to implement the new system, harnessing Vocia’s decentralised architecture to deliver an arrangement of Vocia amplifiers, desk stations and wall remotes via Cat5 cable. Not only did it make it much easier to install, but the network architecture allowed for system configured from one central location.

Our partners at Polar Audio shared that the hotel is delighted with the new sound system and feels the installation perfectly complements the building’s Victorian heritage and protected status. It brings a great sense of satisfaction to know that Vocia was designed to be elegant and flexible, and has delivered on this promise—in more ways than one.

If you’re interested in reading the full case study on the St. Pancras Hotel installation, you’ll find it here.