Bandwidth is a finite resource. As in life, you have to know when to spend and when to save. Assuming you’ve already documented your signal routing and current AV bandwidth requirements, TesiraLUX offers several mechanisms to manage the amount of bandwidth used by video streams.

We recommend thinking in terms of a “bandwidth budget.” Like any other budget, it’s important to allocate your available resources effectively, you can’t spend your entire monthly grocery allowance on ice cream. #Adulting.

TesiraLUX offers multiple software-based options for managing bandwidth over the network, including setting maximum resolution, frame rate floor, and/or a rate of compression. Plus, AVB/TSN guarantees bandwidth reservation and automated QoS setup to prevent traffic flooding. By letting the platform and network automate as much as possible, you can optimize available bandwidth and provide the best possible experience for viewers of the video content that’s being transmitted over the network, without negatively impacting other traffic on the network. No matter what your bandwidth budget may look like on a given installation, prioritizing the customer’s requirements is key. That rule applies to you too, so throw that extra pint of rocky road in your cart. You’ve earned it.

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