Although EN54 does not include explicit specifications for some network equipment, such as switches, below is a list of products that have been used in existing EN54-16 compliant Vocia installations.

This is not an exhaustive list of third party products suitable for use with Vocia. Please confer with the applicable Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) for your installation to identify any additional requirements.

Please see our website for the most up-to-date recommendations.

Switches and Injectors
Switches need to conform to the following specifications:

  • Fully IEEE 802.3 100BaseTX compliant
  • Capable of being powered from dual 24V sources or mains supply
  • Fully managed and spanning tree compatible
  • Provide dry contact alarm output for alarm/link failure
  • IP30 compliant
  • Meet industrial EMC requirements

n-tron_7026txThe N-TRON® 7026TX Industrial Ethernet Switch delivers expanded port offerings in a 1RU form factor. The 7026TX series has 24 10/100BaseTX ports and two gigabit full duplex SFP ports.

n-tron_7018txThe N-TRON 7018TX Industrial Ethernet Switch is well-suited for connecting Ethernet-enabled industrial and/or security equipment and offers management functions that can be configured via web browser.

n-tron_100-poe4The N-TRON 100-POE4 Industrial PoE Mid-Span Injector is designed to transmit power along with data over an Ethernet network. It is suitable for powering PoE capable devices in locations where running AC power is either not possible or cost effective.

ruggedcom_rs900The RuggedSwitch® RS900 is a 9-port industrially hardened, fully managed Ethernet switch specifically designed to operate reliably in electrically harsh and climatically demanding environments.

Power Supplies
slat_sonaesThe SLAT® SONAES Emergency Power Supply provides permanent and emergency power for your installations. The product features real time monitoring of system status and is designed to operate 24/7 at rated power.

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