In addition to our telephone support and on-site professional services, Biamp has done one more thing to bring you, our customers and partners, the technical support and information you want.

It’s called Cornerstone.

Cornerstone: Biamp Technical Support Online

Cornerstone is an online technical support knowledgebase that provides convenient access to Biamp product and technical information. More than just the usual data sheets and user manuals, the site contains many articles that deal with common troubleshooting situations.

The purpose of Cornerstone is to provide Biamp customers with the information they need anytime, anywhere. Cornerstone is available 24/7, providing access to relevant information about Biamp products and equipment in a single, highly searchable location. Cornerstone content includes Biamp-specific information in the form of:

• Articles
• Data sheets
• Tech notes
• Tutorial videos
• User manuals
• White papers

The site will be dynamic, with regularly updated information and active involvement from our Applications Engineering team. Information on the site will include product-specific configurations, best practices, and industry-related insights. Knowledge of concepts such as VoIP, AVB, distance conferencing, and networked audio will also be addressed at length.

Cornerstone is designed for customers who need tech support, but would prefer to get the information online. It’s an extension of Biamp service and support and is simply an additional way for customers to access information. If you have a complex project or question, you can always contact our Applications Engineers. They’re available and happy to help.

Check it out and let us know what you think.