For over 40 years, Biamp has created professional audiovisual solutions that enable great communication. From the smallest of rooms to the largest of venues, we empower true human connection in every space. And we’d love for you to be part of making the next 40 years even more impactful by joining the most exciting, innovative AV workforce in the world.

Here are four reasons Biamp is an extraordinary place to continue your career:

Unprecedented Growth

Within the space of five years, Biamp has acquired six companies, expanded our solution offerings and tripled our employee count. Biamp also experienced record sales in the last year, creating more organic growth in addition to that resulting from acquisitions.

“The acquisitions diversified our product line, which in turn improved our success across the board,” said Cameron Pickett, corporate talent acquisition manager at Biamp. “As a company, we’re seeking out new kinds of employees and looking at different talent pools than we have in the past. The more diverse talent pools you draw from, the more new ideas you have to work with, leading to better products and better service. We want to be a proactive company and keep pace with our customers’ needs.”

“For the first time ever, we’re about to hire someone in China,” said Maria Diaz, associate recruiter at Biamp. “The only way we were able to do that is through one of our acquisitions.”

“We’re looking for a different type of candidate than we have in the past,” added Pickett. “We’re now operating on a much larger scale, so we have new opportunities than in the past, including new roles and new departments.”

Defined Career Paths

Promoting career growth and providing the means to achieve it has always been hugely important at Biamp, and the process continues to evolve as we grow.

“We plan to dedicate more time to career development. Aside from just knowing the potential pathway of roles you can move into, Biamp provides employees with professional, technical, or leadership development that may be needed or desired,” said Pickett.

By developing career ladders that provide a clear map for advancement within each department, we strive to make it easy for our team members to obtain the skills and training necessary to take the next steps in their careers.  We also offer an education reimbursement program, which covers the costs of events, conferences, and courses taken to improve an employee’s skills in their current role.

“We have several engineers who’ve managed to earn their masters through the program,” Diaz said.

Unparalleled Technology and Manufacturing

Founded in 1976 as a bass amp manufacturer, Biamp has grown over the last 40 plus years to be one of the most well-respected names in the AV industry. A major reason for this longevity is our dedication to exceeding the accepted standards of audiovisual technology. From our category-defining Tesira digital signal processors to more recent innovations like Crowd Mics, the revolutionary participation tool that turns every smartphone into a personal mic, we anticipate the needs of the markets we serve to remain on the cutting edge of the industry.

Another competitive advantage we have is our two US-based manufacturing facilities, located in Portland, Oregon, and Chester, Pennsylvania, where we continue to produce new technology and patents. While most of our competitors contract their manufacturing to providers located overseas, Biamp is dedicated to creating the highest-quality AV solutions by keeping their engineering and construction close to home.

Transformative Culture

Biamp’s mission to connect people through extraordinary audiovisual experiences is made possible through the dedication and creativity of our employees; to that end, we strive to foster a company culture that supports and inspires them to do the best work of their careers. The Biamp Experience Center (BEC), located in our Beaverton, Oregon headquarters, is an expansive space where teams collaborate, games are played and, perhaps most importantly, the coffee is made. The BEC also features demo displays of our current product line, allowing visitors to test our solutions for themselves.

But our commitment to extraordinary audiovisual experiences doesn’t stop at the office; Biamp works to give back to the community through key initiatives. Since 2017, we’ve had the privilege of sponsoring the annual PDX Jazz Festival, which brings internationally renowned performers and tomorrow’s stars together for a series of incredible performances throughout Portland; and through our charitable giving committee, we provide grants and volunteer hours to non-profits that share our vision for using audiovisual technology and engineering to enhance the lives of those in need. Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls, Habitat for Humanity, and Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation are just a few of the organizations to which we’ve been proud to lend our support.

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