Video installations got you reaching for the ibuprofen? TesiraLUX can make your life easier (and headache-free), while simultaneously making your customers happier. Network design with TesiraLUX reduces risk of human error, creates a repeatable process, and the automated configuration saves you significant commissioning time. Is it filled with pixie dust? Nah, just the magic of automation.

For optimal results, we recommend documenting your signal routing and current AV bandwidth requirements with an eye to the future. This is especially important when dealing with video streams, given their sizable bandwidth requirements. Once everything is fully documented, you can look at your switch configuration. Then let the platform and network automate as much as possible. Automating the platform operations allows you to optimize your most valuable and finite resource: time. Tesira can also adapt automatically to accommodate common network challenges. That means failures will be isolated to minimize impact, bandwidth limits will not drag unrelated streams down, and error tracking/logs enable speedy resolution to any problems that arise. Go ahead and take a coffee break. TesiraLUX will cover for you while you’re gone.

Another contributing factor to simplified installations and reduced headaches: Cisco® recently received Avnu® certification for the world’s most widely deployed switches – the Catalyst® 3650 and 3850 series – which gives you many more options for switch selection when designing an AVB network. The updated (free) firmware is available for download from their site. Check out our Cornerstone article on video network design to learn more.

When we developed TesiraLUX, one of our primary goals was to save you valuable installation time. Plus, while we think you’re practically perfect in every way, we also wanted to reduce the potential for human error. To help us accomplish those goals, AVB-enabled switches like Cisco’s Catalyst 3650 and 3580 series automatically configure:

  • Multicast address assignments
  • QoS settings
  • VLAN creation


In addition to saving time and reducing headaches, TesiraLUX is now kinder to your wallet. We’re offering TesiraLUX at a significantly lower price. Learn more about what TesiraLUX can do for your video installations, or contact your Biamp sales representative.