The trend of open office environments — where dozens of workers share an open floor plan without traditional closed offices or cubicles — shows no sign of slowing. However, employees still need private spaces to conduct meetings and conference calls without disturbing their colleagues. Traditional conference rooms are too large and formal for everyday collaboration needs. Huddle rooms (small collaboration spaces typically designed to accommodate four to six people) are a natural complement to this growing need.

In this corporate scenario, employees can arrange ad-hoc meetings and schedule collaborative conference calls in small huddle spaces, allowing them to talk freely about the topic at hand. Each of the office’s six huddle rooms includes a dedicated Devio® unit and a beamforming microphone. Composed of an array of eight microphones that allow it to pinpoint the exact location and angle of a talker’s voice and adapt accordingly, Devio’s microphone can follow the person’s voice whether they are sitting or standing, or if they move around while talking.


Thanks to Devio’s convenience and versatility, workers are free to collaborate with their colleagues in a small, private setting without compromising on technology. Call participants on the far end can follow the conversation in real-time, allowing the discussion to flow as naturally as it would if everyone were present in the same room.

Because tabletop space in huddle rooms is often at a premium, Biamp has now released a ceiling microphone for Devio. The DCM-1 ceiling microphone includes all the same great features offered by the tabletop version, without sacrificing limited tabletop space.

For more traditional conferencing purposes, this office features two boardrooms that share a single TesiraFORTÉ® AVB VI device and an AMP-4175R amplifier. The two boardrooms also include HD-1 dialers to accommodate meeting participants who prefer a classic telephone-style keypad.

All Tesira devices in the boardrooms, including the Tesira amplifier, can be configured and managed via the Tesira software. The shared TesiraFORTÉ handles each boardroom’s VoIP functionality, supporting clear and intelligible conference calls to locations across town or across the globe.

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