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System Monitoring with Vocia

In large public facilities like airports, hospitals, and corporate campuses, system monitoring is a vital tool for ensuring that paging equipment is functioning as expected. Vocia combines two modes of operation – Public Address (PA) and Voice Alarm (VA).

Decentralized Networked Media Systems

Each audio installation is unique, and different jobs require different solutions in order to meet the specific needs of a particular business or organization. When life safety paging is needed, a distributed Networked Media System is the best approach. Most public buildings, such as hospitals, universities, and some corporate offices, require some type of life…

The Importance of Campus-Wide Paging

In part two of our It Really Can (and Maybe Should) Be Interconnected series, we will explore the rapid demand for building- and campus-wide paging systems. These paging systems are being connected to presentation systems so information has a wider breadth of dissemination in times of critical incidents. A paging and mass notification system is…

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