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Understanding the Fundamental Differences Between Pro AV and Consumer Electronics

Creating an inviting atmosphere is important for every retail or hospitality business to attract and retain customers. The right audiovisual (AV) system greatly enhances customers’ experiences in such establishments, yet many small businesses are unaware of the major differences between consumer electronics and professional AV solutions. Consumer products from big-box stores may seem like money…

For the Best Conference Room Control Experience, Choose the Right Mounting Option

Whether collaboration occurs in-person or remotely—or, most likely a combination of both scenarios—conference rooms are an essential part of modern workplaces. And with the right mix of conference room technologies that help ensure seamless communication and collaboration, you need a control solution that makes it easy for anyone to launch and lead productive meetings. Well-designed…

With Today’s AV Controllers, Looks Matter

In a previous article, “Configuration Vs. Programming – For Control Solutions, the Choice is Obvious,” we highlighted the importance of choosing an audiovisual control solution that’s designed to easily adapt to end-users’ future needs. Now, let’s take a step back and talk about another critical consideration: the appearance of the control interface. When it comes…

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