As part of its ongoing “Where We Live” series, Portland-based KOIN 6 News shines the spotlight on Biamp, highlighting our company’s history and current standing as a global AV industry leader.

The story, “’Louie Louie’ directly linked to global sound solutions,” shares a fascinating bit of pop culture trivia about how, in 1959, Portland band The Kingsmen released their hit, “Louie, Louie,” and needed better audio equipment to support their live shows. Therein lies the earliest DNA of what became Biamp.

A news crew was onsite to interview President, CEO and Co-Chairman, Rashid Skaf, and to see firsthand many of our current products and solutions that have deep historical roots in the company’s early days as a pioneer in live audio technologies.

From the company’s inception as a local developer of amplifiers and mixing boards to today’s position as a leader in complete audiovisual solutions in 120 countries, Biamp’s story is truly extraordinary.