Posts by Bruce Stimpson

The Value of a Good Audio Consultant

Any task that requires a skilled professional for successful implementation is something you shouldn’t do by yourself. In the case of installed sound systems, an audio consultant is a skilled professional who understands the entire design process, how to make the various parts of the system work as they should, and has a lot of…

The Importance of Acoustic Echo Cancellation – Part 2

As I mentioned in my previous post, harnessing the true power of Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) lies in the hands of the integrator. Their knowledge and expertise directly affects the AEC performance, and ultimately the intelligibility of a conference session. Let’s start with gain structure – you’ve got to understand it. Doing so will make…

The Importance of Acoustic Echo Cancellation – Part 1

Sometimes the most frustrating thing about a conference call can be the technical glitches that prevent a meeting from reaching its full productivity potential. Bad audio can quickly derail an otherwise smooth exchange and leave participants feeling distracted and frustrated. Echo can be a primary culprit. There are two types of echo: line echo, which…

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