Posts by Greg Goode

Employee Expectations in the Post-COVID Workplace – How Can Sound Masking Help?

Multiple studies conducted by Steelcase, a global leader in office architecture, furniture, and technology solutions, make clear that companies must address several key employee expectations regarding workplace conditions to transition back to the office post-COVID. The studies’ results, disseminated in Steelcase’s recent “Global Report: Changing Expectations and the Future of Work,” provide helpful insights and…

Noise Annoys (And Seriously Impacts Workplace Well-Being)

Feeling distracted at work? Having a hard time focusing? Yearning for the tranquility of a work-from-home day, and not just so you can answer emails in your PJs? You’re not alone. A recent survey conducted by Remark Group, a UK-based business technology company, polled 1000 office workers to determine what extent noise plays in affecting workplace well-being.  (Just…

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