Open office layouts are becoming increasingly common, fueled not only by cost-efficiency, but by the idea that being in a shared space nurtures a collaborative approach between co-workers. However, this same lack of boundaries also increases noise pollution, making it difficult to have private conversations or effective conference calls on the office floor. The shift toward open office plans is also inspiring the proliferation of small collaborative spaces, where employees can meet in small groups and focus without distraction. In tandem with the open office plan trend, workforces are becoming increasingly globalized. Colleagues are now dispersed across cities, countries, or continents.

As a result, demand for, and volume of, conference calls is on the rise, placing greater emphasis on conference room usage, the need for high-quality audio, and the ease-of-use of their conference room AV systems. These small conference rooms are critically important to a company’s success, because they’re where decisions are made. People want to enter the room, launch a conferencing solution such as Zoom® or BlueJeans® from their laptop, and focus on the meeting content. They don’t want to strain to hear the conversation or repeat themselves to far end participants. We can help with that.

Our TCM microphones provide exceptional audio quality to the far end while simultaneously achieving consistent room coverage. They let people act naturally in the room without negatively impacting the far-end audio quality. The EX-UBT expander allows you to extend USB audio reliably throughout your entire facility. Two TesiraFORTÉ AVB CI devices handle the DSP requirements for all 12 conference rooms, facilitating clear and intelligible audio to far end participants.

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