People are constantly on the move, particularly in busy transit hubs like rail stations. With arrivals, departures, and transfers, the action never stops. All passengers need to know where to go and at what time. While displays play a critical role in communication, pages can assist in last-minute updates or track changes. Couple those needs with critical and emergency messages, and you’ll need a solution that covers it all. Fortunately, Vocia offers a scalable, reliable, and complete paging and emergency communication solution.

In this transportation scenario, each area of the rail station has unique needs and requirements from a paging and life safety system. The communication office is the center of all message dissemination to passengers, operators, and station agents. Station employees may need to page a particular traveler throughout the facility or page a particular zone or platform to inform all passengers of a departure or arrival. Vocia’s scalable and flexible design can handle this and much more. Vocia’s text-to-speech can handle multiple languages, and the system can disperse these messages to multiple zones and locations. When ambient noise fluctuates on the platform or in the central hallway, Vocia’s ANC-1 can automatically adjust paging volume accordingly. In addition, Vocia products are both National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Part 72 compliant and EN 54-16 certified, making Vocia solutions compliant with ECS standards in dozens of countries across the world.


Download a copy of this transportation design guide, and stay tuned to Component for future system design guides.