Across the world, school safety and security are growing concerns among parents, educators, and administrators. Students must have access to a safe learning environment in order to grow and thrive. In addition to traditional classrooms, modern school facilities feature multiple structures that can include offices, multimedia rooms, auditoriums, cafeterias, gymnasiums, locker rooms, and libraries. School administrators need to communicate clearly and effectively with students and staff in the event of an emergency. Biamp offers numerous solutions for non-emergency and emergency paging, as well as support for background music and scheduled and pre-recorded messages.

In this Education scenario, classrooms, gathering spaces, administrative offices, hallways, and designated employee lounges require different audio capabilities. An integrated communication and emergency system provides the utmost dependability, ensuring clear communication and security for the building, as well as for staff and students. With this technology in place, students and staff can focus on achieving their goals.


While Vocia can’t help students pass a pop quiz or find a prom date, the Vocia platform provides an exceptional paging system design that can perform a number of standard functions for day-to-day activities such as morning announcements and live paging, and can be integrated into the school bell system. Vocia supports multiple paging options as well as prerecorded, scheduled, and VoIP paging. Zoned paging allows school administrators to distribute messages to specific areas of the campus as needed, rather than disturbing the entire student body. In addition, Vocia manages any background music the school administrators wish to play.

Download a copy of this education design guide, and stay tuned to Component for future system design guides.