Many corporate campuses include onsite cafeterias, as well as manufacturing and shipping facilities, in addition to the standard executive suites and general office space. With so many employees and site visitors spread across such a large area, security is of the utmost importance.

In this Corporate scenario, receptionists and other authorized individuals can deliver clear, intelligible pages to any part of the building without disrupting unaffected zones. Biamp’s Vocia platform provides multiple paging options, including live, recorded, scheduled, and VoIP. Vocia can also support background music in lobby areas or any other part of the campus. In addition, Vocia’s integrated emergency communication system connects directly to the emergency alarm system and the fire panel, ensuring the safety and security of employees and anyone else who is present on the campus at any given time. Intelligible paging is of particular importance during times of emergency, including power outages and severe weather events.


Vocia serves as the hub for all paging and emergency communication system needs. Thanks to its networked capabilities, there is no single point of system failure, which ensures that critical messages will be delivered even if part of the system is damaged or goes offline. At the center of the system is the MS-1e device. The MS-1e acts as the repository for the Vocia system configuration, as well as the VoIP paging interface, event scheduling, message playback, and email reporting of the system.

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