Archive for May, 2019

The Beauty of Asymmetry

People are attuned to symmetry. There’s just something pleasing for us when two sides of an object mirror each other. Bilateral symmetry occurs often in the natural world, which may help explain this preference. We expect a butterfly’s wings to “reflect” each other along the axis of its body; and If they don’t line up…

Noise Annoys (And Seriously Impacts Workplace Well-Being)

Feeling distracted at work? Having a hard time focusing? Yearning for the tranquility of a work-from-home day, and not just so you can answer emails in your PJs? You’re not alone. A recent survey conducted by Remark Group, a UK-based business technology company, polled 1000 office workers to determine what extent noise plays in affecting workplace well-being.  (Just…

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