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The Coolness of AEC

All conferencing is a substitute for face-to-face conversation. When talking in person, we can interject, we can analyze tone and body language, and we tend to interrupt each other. This is natural to us; this is what we expect. Traditional telephone systems can hinder this natural style of communication. When you’re holding a handset to…

Audio 101: Microphone Selection and Use

As discussed in our previous post, there are numerous microphone models and styles designed to suit specific applications. The appropriate microphone for your space should include frequency response that covers the source’s spectrum, enhancing desired frequencies while rejecting unwanted frequencies. Your chosen microphone should be capable of withstanding the source’s maximum level. The microphone should…

Audio 101: Microphones

Microphones have a tremendous impact on sound quality, and different spaces require specific equipment in order to optimize clarity. Think, for example, of a corporate boardroom that accommodates 20 executives, versus a 500-seat university lecture hall. Regardless of type or intended function, all microphones are transducers – devices that convert one type of energy into…

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