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3 Ways Whiteboards Contribute to the Product Development Process

A lot of people think there is a clear delineation between right- and left-brain thinking; and that you’re either right or left. Left-brain dominant thinkers have an aptitude for logic, reasoning, language, and numbers. That’s why most engineers are very left-brained. Right-brained thinkers are good with intuition, creativity, colors, images, and they’re very visual. Artists…

Here’s How We Do Processing Technologies

The core technology in the processing of digital media has grown and evolved over the years. We embrace a blend of well-known best practices and innovative, cutting edge technologies to bring a rich and powerful set of tools to all of our customers. Here are the three kinds of processing we do, and have done…

3 Reasons Why High-Fidelity Consumer Audio is Making a Comeback

As a lifelong audiophile, I’ve heard the sound quality in consumer audio products steadily decline. We went from records, to CDs, and then to MP3s–all the while compressing audio files into smaller and smaller formats that increase device-carrying capacity, but at the very real expense of audio fidelity. Unfortunately, low-fidelity (Lo-fi) audio has become so…

How to Attach Partitions in New Tesira 2.0 Software

In this last of three videos showing you some of the new things you can do with the Tesira 2.0 configuration software, I’ll be walking you through how to attach partitions inline. Thanks for coming along on this 3-part Tesira 2.0 journey with me. If you have any other questions about Tesira 2.0, you can…

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