Archive for August, 2013

Why a Great Distributor Makes a Great Partner

I don’t think there’s another region in the world where there’s such a diverse range of cultures as in the Asia Pacific region (APAC). In order to address each market with its various unique aspects, we work through distributors. As Biamp’s Regional Sales Director for APAC, I can attest to the value and importance of…

The Soundscape of a Large Family

I grew up in a large family, and with a large family, you tend to do everything big—larger than life. Dinners, camping trips, birthday parties, pets, you name it, we did it, and it always came with an expected level of cacophony. You could always tell who wasn’t home yet by the level of sound…

Are Gestural Controls the Future of AV Control?

Gestural controls are getting a fair amount of coverage in the press lately, and with good reason. Devices like Myo and Leap Motion have had very high pre-order sales numbers for essentially unproven technology. That says a lot about the public’s interest in gesture-based control. Or is it the latest technology fad? What problem are…

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