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Introducing Our Professional Services Pilot Program

Biamp has some of the greatest applications engineers in the world. So, we thought, “Hey, why don’t we expand the reach of their super smarts by sending them into the field, on-site to our customers’ installations?” That’s exactly what we did. Biamp is proud to introduce a new suite of paid professional services in a…

Acoustical Realities of Modular Office Design

People spend approximately 20% of their lives in a work environment. That doesn’t sound too terribly bad, until you do the math and figure out it’s close to 100,000 hours (40 hrs/wk, 52 wks/yr, for 45 years or so). That is a LOT of time staring at gray/beige (greige?) cubicle walls. As companies financially expand…

Hidden Benefits of Training

Good employees are hard to find. In modest or prosperous economic times, they’re even harder to keep. Companies focus on customer loyalty because it has a direct impact on a company’s revenue. What many don’t recognize is that focusing inward on employee loyalty can also have a significant effect on the bottom line. Happy workers…

When is Audio “Good Enough”?

With the advent of smartphones and ever-increasing options for videoconferencing, our expectations for audio and video are decreasing. Pixelated video streams and echoey audio have become de riguer. The cost entry points for many of these services, if not outright free, are so low that anyone can afford to use them. The lines between B2C…

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