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The Importance of Acoustic Echo Cancellation – Part 2

As I mentioned in my previous post, harnessing the true power of Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) lies in the hands of the integrator. Their knowledge and expertise directly affects the AEC performance, and ultimately the intelligibility of a conference session. Let’s start with gain structure – you’ve got to understand it. Doing so will make…

Biamp Charitable Leadership Committee

There’s a strong sense of community at Biamp Systems, which is something that makes me feel even more a part of the family here. Biamp’s Charitable Leadership Committee – a diverse group in which I play an active role – truly embodies the spirit of Biamp and our commitment to the communities where we do…

The Importance of Acoustic Echo Cancellation – Part 1

Sometimes the most frustrating thing about a conference call can be the technical glitches that prevent a meeting from reaching its full productivity potential. Bad audio can quickly derail an otherwise smooth exchange and leave participants feeling distracted and frustrated. Echo can be a primary culprit. There are two types of echo: line echo, which…

Why Zoned Communication is Vital to Healthcare IT

Every hospital IT manager or CIO says the same thing these days: that they’re trying to do more with less. Whether it’s due to reduced staff, trimmed budgets or old/damaged equipment that can’t be repaired or replaced, there always is more to do and less resources available to do it. Indeed, one healthcare IT professional…

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