Did you hear? Last month, Cisco® received Avnu® certification for the world’s most widely deployed switches – the Catalyst® 3650 and 3850 series switches. Think about that for a second: the world’s most widely deployed switches are now Avnu certified, so everywhere a Cisco 3650 or 3850 resides is now a potential candidate for a Tesira system. That’s a lot of possibilities for you. The certified firmware is already available for download from their site. Cisco’s commitment to AVB doesn’t end there. They’ve incorporated AVB into their next-generation 9300 and 9500 Series switches, both of which are going through Avnu certification at this very minute.

Let’s quickly recap what an AVB-enabled switch automatically configures:

  • Multicast address assignments
  • QoS settings
  • VLAN creation

There’s no risk of human error (i.e. fewer headaches + easier to troubleshoot), it’s a repeatable process, and the automated configuration saves you significant commissioning time. Each time you read one of those bullet points, you should hear the sound of a cash register dinging in your head for all of the time and frustration that AVB just saved you.

We’re so confident in their AVB implementation that we ran our entire InfoComm booth using a Catalyst 9300 switch. That’s an incredibly high visibility situation, and there’s zero tolerance for system problems. If you visited us during the show, you got to experience this switch’s capabilities in person (spoiler alert: we didn’t encounter any problems, other than the guy who interrupted one of our demos).

Looking for additional details about what the Avnu certification means for you? Cisco’s blog post outlines everything you need to know. Cornerstone also has technical information about these AVB-enabled switches here.