Last month, Biamp announced the acquisition of Neets A/S, a leading manufacturer of AV control systems, device controllers, and control software based in Horsens, Denmark. Bringing Neets into the fold is the latest step in our ongoing mission to connect people through extraordinary audiovisual experiences by streamlining communication in every space—but some may not be aware of how this technology makes getting down to business easier than ever. 

Here are just three of the major benefits made possible by the innovations engineered by Neets:


The intuitive capabilities of AV control systems allow presenters to manage all devices in a conference room, classroom, or other meeting space, allowing access simply by plugging in their laptop. In addition to eliminating the acres of wiring required by traditional installations, these systems also get rid of easily misplaced controllers and remotes, greatly decreasing traditional barriers to seamless connectivity.


Not only do AV control systems greatly reduce the number of moving parts for a successful connection, they also make getting started even easier thanks to the implementation of touch panels. With flexibility as their guiding principle, these devices allow users to customize controls for room equipment, including projectors, screens, and other presentation hardware. Currently, Neets control systems connect to over 5000 devices from over 125 brands, enabling unparalleled integration that takes the guesswork out of successful integration.


When it comes to technology, form should follow function…but ideally not by much. The interface utilized by these touch panels employs impactful iconography and clean, clear graphics that make operating them a breeze, while their streamlined, low-profile construction ensures a great fit within any space. The result is a control panel elegant in its simplicity, designed to be as easy to use the first time as the thousandth.

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