Most of us have a dedicated workspace – a desk, probably in an office building – where we have everything set up to our preference. When we arrive at our work stations, we know exactly how to get connected and begin the day. For those of us with laptops, that probably entails connecting to a dock or to the peripherals that integrate that laptop into the desktop setup. This includes devices such as a keyboard, mouse, one to two monitors, and maybe a headset for web conferencing. These items optimize our desks for maximum productivity each day. However, when it’s time to undock your laptop and head to a meeting, you leave that “optimized for the individual” location and enter a place that is designed to accommodate groups of varying needs and sizes.

Connecting laptops to the technology in those “optimized for groups” locations isn’t as simple as it used to be. When connecting to a display, there are multiple connectors that might be in place (HDMI, DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, DVI, VGA, etc.), and with laptops slimming down, you often need to have the right adapter on-hand to share your content. If you’re also using in-room audio, like a microphone and speakers for audio web conferencing, that’s probably a second, separate connection to your laptop. If video conferencing is in place, connecting to a web camera may also be a necessity. In these scenarios, USB ports on your laptop start to become scarce.

This is why we created Devio. With a single USB cable, Devio connects your laptop to the technology that optimizes your small meeting room for groups of people who are collaborating and sharing information. Devio allows easy connections to in-room displays – made even simpler when used with DisplayLink USB graphics technology, which sends video over USB and can extend the computer desktop to two additional displays. This includes great audio, with the Devio DTM-1 tabletop beam forming microphone and connection options for a variety of loudspeaker types, as well as an auto setup function to ensure the room’s levels are set appropriately. Video conferencing is as easy to set up as connecting to a web conferencing application and plugging a USB camera in to Devio. Even better, Devio offers two additional USB 3.0 ports for connecting USB peripherals like memory sticks or a USB Ethernet adapter.

What does this all mean?

• Fast transitions into your meeting space – simply plug in your USB cable   and go.
• Connectivity to one or two displays in the huddle room to share as much   information as necessary to get your job done.
• Flexibility with two displays to share content to a web conference on one   screen and show the video conference participants on the other – all   while taking notes on your laptop.
• Natural sounding conversation for web conference participants.

Devio is unique in that it supports many of the most common soft codecs including Skype®, Skype for Business® (Lync®), Citrix GoToMeeting®, Cisco WebEx®, and Google Hangouts™, allowing it to function as an equal opportunity partner with nearly any conferencing system. In addition, Devio is not dependent on a particular type of monitor or webcam, leaving you free to choose your preferred devices. Best of all, Devio provides exceptional sound quality (backed by Biamp’s world-class sound) – regardless of the devices you connect to it – while simplifying the process of connecting your computer to the huddle room. How’s that for collaboration?