We were pleasantly surprised by the overwhelmingly warm reception our new AVB/USB extender received at its InfoComm 2018 debut. Small in size but mighty in stature, the PoE-powered Tesira EX-UBT brings USB audio extension capabilities to conference rooms and multipurpose spaces. With the EX-UBT, you can extend USB audio throughout your entire facility via AVB/TSN.

Since the EX-UBT is not limited by the specification-defined maximum USB connection length of 5 meters, you no longer have to make the unpleasant choice between short USB cable lengths and unreliable USB extenders. Thus, it’s ideal for installations requiring USB connections not located in a rack or near other equipment, as well as for installations that require multiple USB audio inputs. For installations using Tesira SERVER or SERVER-IO as the DSP, it’s important to point out the EX-UBT can act as a virtual USB card since our configurable I/O DSPs have no on-board USB connection. Take a look at our centralized DSP design guide for an example scenario.

Another significant feature is that the EX-UBT supports Bluetooth® wireless technology, which allows someone who has started a conversation on a mobile phone to successfully transition the call into a conference room. Bluetooth functionality also allows cable-free connections to background music sources, so you can play your favorite dance jams with ease. Just remember to stretch first before hitting the dance floor.

Tesira EX-UBT will be available in Q3 2018.