Let’s be real: you’ve got more installations than ever, but there are still a finite number of hours in every day. Do you ever find yourself looking at your schedule and wondering how you’ll get it all done? Biamp is here to help.

Beamtracking™ microphones from Biamp allow you to complete your installations in record time. How? These microphones include room configuration functionality designed to save you time and resources. That’s because each microphone actively tracks everyone’s voices and intelligently mix the conversation, even as people move around the room. Our Beamtracking microphones eliminate the need for room mapping and lobe aiming. Instead, you can simply select the number of microphones present in a conference room, determine the microphone height via the software, and get on with your day. These microphones do the heavy lifting for you.

If some or all of your conference rooms include loudspeakers require amplification, you’re in luck. Our TCM-1A Beamtracking microphone comes with a built-in PoE+ amplifier, reducing the need to run additional cables and simplifying your installations even further. By placing the amplifier in the ceiling next to your microphones, you can eliminate the need to run additional cables from the loudspeaker to the rack room. The TCM-1A’s built-in amplifier includes an internal limiter and selectable power, as well as a burst power mode to handle peak signals. That means conference call participants are free to express themselves as quietly or loudly (hey – some calls can get pretty rowdy when inspiration strikes) as they want to, with no negative effects on the audio quality. If you’ve ever been on the far end of a rowdy conference call, you’ll understand why this feature is so exciting.

Above all, we designed our Beamtracking microphones with exceptional audio and simple installation in mind.