Welcome to the fourth installment in our It Really Can (and Maybe Should) Be Interconnected series. In this installment, we’ll discuss the importance of continuous training for your field installation teams. Ongoing training yields more efficient, complete, and profitable installations. Too many projects begin without thorough field expertise and training. To add credibility to this statement, here are links to two articles (What’s Killing the AV Relationship and 2016 CI: State of the Industry Report) that support our concerns.

Consider this: would you seek medical advice from a doctor who doesn’t continue to perfect his/her specialty? Do you seek research or advice about non-technology topics before investing in a product or service? What if those experts didn’t stay current in their respective fields? You’d be less likely to hire them.

At Biamp, we want our integrators to bring their “A-Team” to every project. While we require you to invest in training, we also invest heavily in creating informative and thorough educational tools to support that goal.

Each week, our in-house certification training courses are filled. The courses are fun, challenging, and filled with opportunities to share experiences with other industry professionals while being immersed in the Biamp culture. Detailed information regarding Biamp certification trainings can be found here. Additionally, we have numerous training videos available on YouTube, as well as self-paced online courses for TesiraFORTÉ certification, VoIP training, Audia training, and more.

Biamp training resources aren’t an integration team’s only destination for educational tools. CompTIA offers many excellent trainings and certifications, including the Network+ certification. The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification is also a great training resource.

Many projects require integrators to bring well-trained field crews to the table. The above certifications are now requirements on many high-profile installations, and this trend is likely to continue. AV technology integration is converging with IT/network technology integration. Proper IT/network training is vital to the success of a project.

Stay Tuned

Next time, we’ll focus on Emergency Communications Systems (ECS) and how solutions from Biamp play a crucial, interconnected role.