As the sun sets on AV Month 2016, we’d like to share some insights about working in Pro AV.

  1. Small flashlights are a must-have – we end up crawling around in some challenging spaces.
  2. While even the most complex installation may seem fairly straightforward, our favorite projects tend to be the ones that let us get creative.
  3. You know you’ve done a great job when nobody notices the AV.
  4. AV might seem like a narrow field, but you actually need to stay current on a wide range of technologies, including digital video, networking, electro-acoustics, sound reinforcement, and VoIP.
  5. People will always find creative, new ways to expand a piece of equipment’s intended purpose.
  6. This industry loves tinkerers! You get to see some of your ideas brought to life.
  7. With all the technological advancements, you never get bored.
  8. We work with the coolest AV technology, including gesture and voice control.

Have any insider tips? Share them in the comments!