Ballrooms are the lifeblood of convention centers. In order to accommodate gatherings of different sizes and functions while maintaining a high level of bookings, convention center ballrooms must be flexible in their physical configurations as well as their audio and video routing capabilities.

Biamp’s Tesira platform creates a networked media system where audio and video can be processed and distributed to any desired ballroom configuration. TesiraLUX can accept and transmit video up to and including 4K60, helping to create an impactful video experience for show attendees. Tesira interfaces with Dante™, offering additional options for input sources such as microphones. This, used in conjunction with Tesira’s ambient noise compensation capabilities, ensures that the audio output remains intelligible.


Typically in high demand, ballrooms must be reconfigured quickly to ensure that the next show, banquet, or special event runs smoothly. This applies to the audio and video distribution as well. In this scenario, Tesira is ideal for managing the ballroom audio and video. Presets can rapidly reconfigure the audio and video routing, while a partitioned system design can allow work to be performed in unused areas without affecting any events currently underway. A mobile cart with wireless microphones and media sources can be deployed to any of the ballrooms on short notice, easily accommodating last-minute requests.

Download a copy of this hospitality design guide, and stay tuned to Component for future system design guides.