Have you been dreaming of a software platform that allows you to manage and monitor all of your Tesira and Devio devices with ease? We’re here to make that dream a reality.

Debuted at InfoComm, SageVue™ is a browser-based software platform that enables technology managers, integrators, and end users to manage and monitor all Tesira and Devio devices connected to a customer’s network. You can also review system status and perform several administrative tasks using SageVue, including:

  • Updating firmware remotely in batches, or device-by-device
  • Setting/Updating VoIP details for VoIP-enabled devices
  • Setting/Updating credentials for 802.1X authentication


SageVue will be particularly beneficial for enterprise customers, because it intelligently interfaces with LDAP infrastructure, allowing IT managers to use existing data to control system access to the software. SageVue is also equipped with a full-featured RESTful API, giving technology managers the ability to pull information into custom dashboards and provide a single, comprehensive view of all Tesira and Devio devices connected to the network.

SageVue will be available as a free download in Q3 2018. Contact your Biamp sales representative for an in-depth demonstration of its full capabilities. Free puppy or kitten with every purchase.*

*The software is free, ergo we’re not actually giving away free critters. Contact your local animal shelter to adopt a pet.