Meetings can make anyone feel a little out of control. Complicated or unreliable technology can cause unnecessary stress, cutting into valuable meeting time while people attempt to make the room’s devices function properly. Two of our newest products, Oreno™ and the Tesira® HD-1, help alleviate some of these pain points, and are designed to make your meetings run as smoothly as possible.


It’s a common scenario: you arrive at a conference room to begin an important meeting, only to discover that the room’s previous occupant has altered room settings or left the loudspeaker volume cranked to 11. Instead of starting your meeting on time, you’re left scrambling to undo these changes and fix the room’s settings to suit your needs.

Oreno is here to change that. With Oreno, Biamp’s control software, you can control loudspeaker volume, microphone settings, and manage calls in Tesira-equipped conference rooms. It all happens from a simple user interface accessed via the web browser on your preferred tablet, smartphone, or mobile computing device. Oreno is easy to use, and requires no special software on users’ devices. As we discussed in our user experience post, Oreno was developed with the end customer in mind. Oreno lets conference room users focus on conducting their meetings effectively, rather than fighting the technology. When your meeting concludes, simply press the “end meeting” button to return the room to its default state. The days of fixing someone else’s settings are over.


Tesira HD-1

There’s comfort in familiarity. That’s why our Tesira HD-1 is a physical dialer designed to mimic the look and feel of a traditional desktop telephone keypad. This device is easily programmed, and is compatible with any systems that integrate with VoIP or POTS. The HD-1 supports all Tesira dialing functions, while providing familiar form factor to people who may not be comfortable using a digital device to place calls.

With its unobtrusive design and one-cable installation, the HD-1 looks great on a tabletop. Best of all, the HD-1 requires no learning curve, making it accessible to anyone who has ever used a touch-tone telephone.

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