You may not know how easy (hint: super easy) it is to control your Tesira-equipped rooms with Oreno. However, even the most amazing product – and we think Oreno is an amazing product – has room for improvement. That’s why we’re proud to introduce LDAP integration for Oreno.

LDAP integration offers benefits to both system administrators and conference room users. For example, administrators no longer have to manually enter users into Oreno Manager (although that functionality is still available). If a user leaves the company, updating their status in LDAP (AD) will automatically flow through to Oreno, adjusting their access permissions without requiring an admin’s time. Authenticating via LDAP also eliminates the need to store passwords in Oreno, improving security. Taking security a step further, we allow administrators to run Oreno under SSL when integrated with LDAP, so that passwords aren’t transmitted in clear text. In Oreno Manager, we created “default rooms,” which are rooms that are accessible automatically to users when they are created in Oreno or added via LDAP, saving administrators additional time.


End users can log in to Oreno using the same credentials used for other enterprise services – which means one less password to forget. Contacts from an LDAP-enabled directory can be presented to users for speed dial, making calls more efficient.


We also listened to feedback from the field and removed the requirement for a dialer. If you prefer to initiate a call with hardware dialer, such as the Tesira HD-1, you can control mutes and levels through Oreno if you wish.


We will continue to add features to Oreno on a regular basis, expanding its capabilities as a control platform. Our next Oreno release will include additional LDAP capabilities, as well as other new features that might interest you. If you have a feature you’d like to see added to Oreno, leave a comment below.

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