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Don’t Forget About Your Hold Music

It’s no secret that sight is our dominant sense. It dictates or influences nearly all of our daily decisions – from what to wear, to the color of your favorite coffee mug, to whether the cover of a book looks interesting. So it makes sense that businesses focus a great deal on the visual attributes…

Analog Telephony Interfaces

Biamp first introduced an analog telephone interface with the AudiaFLEX TI-2 card, followed soon after with the Nexia TC. Recently we’ve released the STC-2 card for Tesira, which shows our ongoing support of analog telephony. In this blog post we’ll discuss some basic terms of telephony and then dive in to programming and troubleshooting the…

5-Year Warranties Protect Good Units From Bad Things

Most commercial audio equipment designers and manufacturers don’t have this. It makes sense that Biamp would though, because we do things a little differently here. What are we talking about? Our 5-year equipment warranty, of course. Every company wants to differentiate themselves from their competitors in some way. Some companies go with mascots, catchy jingles,…

Additional Training Videos on YouTube

Our training channel on YouTube features a bevy!/plethora!/cornucopia! of technically-oriented videos about some of our most commonly requested programming and configuration issues. Subjects range from how to use NexLink in our Nexia® family, to configuring paging zones in Vocia®, to using the Tesira® TEC-1 wall control, just to name a few. We recently added a Spanish channel, too. Our…

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